Being single at any time of year is definitely something we are always aware of. But, being single in the summer can definitely be seen as a reason to feel less like a person.


But, there really is no reason not to embrace being single! Going solo for an extended amount of time can be really healthy for you. Here’s why.


More time to focus on yourself


Being single allows you to stand on your own two feet. That ability will improve your independence and make you more prepared to take on life’s challenges. Focusing on yourself will help give you a better sense of who you are, which is something whose importance cannot be stressed enough by the time you do enter a relationship. You can’t expect someone to get to know you if you don’t know yourself, right?


take time to do what makes your soul

Less stress and drama


As much as we hate to admit it, being in a relationship does create opportunities for more stress and drama. Someday, we will all be ready to accept that with whomever we end up with, but right now dealing with that emotional weight may not be the best idea for us all. Being single allows you to enjoy the perks of being single, which means a lot less tension and more freedom.


More time to focus on your career (minus the guilt)


Being in a committed long-term relationship with your career becomes problematic when you do start dating someone else, but being single means that focusing on your career is a guilt-free venture.


More time to focus on what you want to do


Having a significant other can be like adding another extracurricular or hobby to the list of things for you to do. Enjoying your other passions to the fullest extent while you are still single gives you more time to enjoy those experiences independently. Then, it will all be worth it once you do get involved with a relationship, you’ll have someone to share what you love with.


More time with the people you love


Nothing beats spending quality time with your family and friends. Summertime is the most optimal time to do it! Focusing on the relationships you already have will prepare you for whenever you do decide to take the next step and start dating.


More freedom to explore


Being in a committed relationship means just that: a commitment. Being single, however, gives you the freedom to explore whomever and whenever you want. You can date casually, if you choose to. There is nothing holding you back, and no one can pressure you into something you don’t want to fully commit to.


The bottom line is, all of these perks of being single give you more time for you to figure out who you are and what you want. And what comes first, no matter what, is you and how you feel about yourself!

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