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As the CEO of Group Therapy Associates, every day I work alongside my team of associates to make mental health accessible, innovative, and culturally relevant for all people. My role as the head of this company is deeply tied to my belief that knowledge, compassion, and intentional action are the keys to fostering meaningful growth.

As a marriage and family therapist, my own clinical work is forever rooted in honoring the importance of positive, affirming, honest relationships. It is this commitment to valuing connection and compassion that informs the culture and mission of GTA today.

Each therapist here believes in the power of therapy to help you show up more fully for your life, relationships, and communities. Whether on the couch in the office, on a screen through teletherapy, or in a myriad of other fun and innovative ways, Group Therapy Associates is committed to helping you write the next chapter of your life on your own terms.

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GTA’s work is built on three core principles – stay curious, honor emotions, act with intention. We help people who aren’t sure if therapy was designed for them find an approach to mental health care that honors all the facets of who they are and helps them combine knowledge and self awareness into choices that cultivate a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

Samantha Russell-Porte, LMFT

she/her | African-American

VA | Online

Taylor Wardle, MFT-R


VA | Online

Maria Perozzi, LMFT


VA | Online

David Wen, PsyD

he/him | Asian

DC | MD | VA Online

Chris Davies, LMFT


VA | Online

Headshot for Fran Singson

Fran Singson, PC-R

she/her | Filipino-American

VA | Online

Headshot for Miriam Saleh

Miriam Saleh, PC-R

she/her | Middle Eastern-American

VA | Online

When we can show up as our full selves to every area of life, everyone benefits.

GTA is passionate about changing the narrative of mental health through advocacy, creativity, and by actively engaging people who feel left out of the conversation when it comes to what truly makes effective mental health care.

Meet Our Administrative Team

Devonne Wilson - COO Group Therapy Associates

she/her/hers | Black | African-American

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GTA is honored to support our community’s emotional wellness.  If you or someone you care about are experiencing a mental health emergency please call or text 988 or visit your local emergency room or crisis intervention unit.  We are not a 24/7 emergency provider. 

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