Everyone deserves a safe space to be heard, valued, and supported as their whole selves. 

Therapy can be that place.

At GTA, our therapists give you the space to rewrite your story and become more than what the world has defined you to be

Individual, couples, and family counseling for kids and adults – in person and online

When we can show up as our full selves to every area of life, everyone benefits.

Hi, I’m Esther Boykin. As the CEO of GTA, every day I work alongside my team of associates to make mental health accessible, innovative, and culturally relevant for all people.

My role as the head of this company is deeply tied to my belief that knowledge, compassion, and intentional action are the keys to fostering meaningful growth.

Each therapist here believes in the power of therapy to help you show up more fully for your life, relationships, and communities.



What sets us apart?

Our approach is built on 3 core principles

Stay Curious

Curiosity help us get clear about our thoughts, create context for our life, and allows us to learn new skills

Honor Emotion

Feelings are not facts… but they play an important role in our lives.  Emotion helps us understand our needs, desires, and boundaries.

Act with Intetnion

Head plus heart gives us insight but insight without action doesn’t create real change.  We believe that good therapy inspires new behavior

Starting therapy can bring up a lot of questions and it’s our job to answer them.  Wondering about our fees, what kind of clients we work with or anything else, click below.

We are always looking to expand our team of therapists and psychologists.  If you are a mental health professional looking for a collaborative and growing practice to join, get in touch.

What our clients & colleagues are saying…

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Do you need immediate mental health help?

GTA is honored to support our community’s emotional wellness.  If you or someone you care about are experiencing a mental health emergency please call or text 988 or visit your local emergency room or crisis intervention unit.  We are not a 24/7 emergency provider. 

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