Breakups…everyone goes through them! The lucky ones manage to go through a clean breakup while others are nasty. Unfortunately, I have had my fair share of nasty breakups and they are never fun.


I just wanted to curl up in a ball and watch a romantic movie while eating pounds of chocolate.


Sometimes I worried that I would never feel happy again.


All of my energy went to wallowing in self pity and wondering what went wrong. It wasn’t until my last breakup that I realized it was more important to focus on bettering myself in the here and now than worrying about the past. It turns out that you can use your anger, sadness, and frustration to make yourself a better and stronger person- instead of just eating ice cream.


You’re so used to having that special person around all the time to talk to and hang out with, so you might feel alone when they aren’t there anymore. But instead of staying alone, it’s the perfect time to reconnect with yourself and others. There are so many new things that you could try!


Learn a new language or hike somewhere you’ve never been! I started going to the gym  several times a week, which was way more than I used to go and I spent more time with my family and friends.


At first, it was really difficult to get used to being without this relationship that I was so comfortable with. But then, I began to strengthen the relationship with myself and that made me feel better as a whole! So try something new and for more tips check out this article by Eddie Baller on Mind, Body, Green


p.s. If you’re wondering how to find the motivation to actually go to the gym, check out Erica’s post for some of the most helpful tips I’ve ever read!


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