With the ever so popular Valentine’s Day approaching, I find myself reflecting on my romantic decisions in the past. Sometimes this causes me to feel alone and needing someone in my life to make me feel whole.  I know that another person can’t complete me but in these weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, it’s hard not to long for a romantic relationship.

But, right as I was settling into a pity party and convinced that something was missing from my life, I came across this article talking all about the perks of being single. This opened me up to to an idea that feels even more rewarding than being in a relationship with someone special… learning to strengthen the relationship with myself!


These are some fantastic ways to enjoy being single…


1. Pursue New Hobbies

The single life allows you to focus on things you would like to do 100% of the time. Those who have had past relationships know that with another person in the mix, it is a lot harder to enjoy the things you want to do when the other is uninterested. So spend time focused on old or new hobbies. Who knows, you might learn some new things about yourself in the process.


2. Socialize

I have more friends than I can count who are in relationships and unable to spend time with their friends like they used to. If this sounds like you, then now is the perfect opportunity to meet up with an old friend to catch-up or go out with your friends.  Just go out and spend some time just enjoying each other’s company.


3. Travel

When you are in a relationship, it is that much harder to make plans and save money to travel somewhere with another person. This is the time to embrace being single and experience a place like you never have before. Save up all that money you would have spent on your significant other and go visit somewhere you have never been. My best friend visited London while she was single and told me that it was the best decisions of her life. So try something new and enjoy being alone!


4. Love Yourself

Valentine’s Day in particular might be a source of bitterness for those who are single because you feel like you should celebrate it with another person. However, instead of giving love to other people, give love to yourself this year! Enjoy your own company or use it as a day to strengthen the relationship with your friends.


Romance is great but being single has so many advantages. To sustain a good relationship you have to sacrifice a little, give up some of your “me time” in order to make “we time”.  So while I’m single  I plan to take the time to do all of those things I haven’t had time to do when I was in a relationship!

So what about you?  What fabulous single-life things do plan to do this month in celebration of self-love?  Tell me in the comments.


p.s. looking to learn more about loving yourself and enjoying life in or out of a relationship?

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