Chris Davies, Licensed professional counselor

Chris Davies

Locations: VA + Teletherapy

Specialties: Couples conflict, closeness and intimacy, violence and trauma


What is your name and what do you do around here?

Hi, I’m Chris Davies, and I see clients at GTA once per week, particularly couples. During the rest of the week, I supervise a public agency counseling program for survivors of trauma.

5 words that describe you?

Accepting / Warm / Extroverted / Dependable / Thorough

What do you love most about your job here at GTA?

My friendships with some of the GTA therapists go back to our earliest days in the profession. We’ve learned from each other, and we have fun together. You’ll probably notice the good vibe here.

What should clients know about working with you?

I am a hetero/cisgender, white male of mainly European descent, born and raised in a middle-class, Christian (LDS) family in Northern Virginia. I am transparent about my culture and conscious of my bias and privilege, and I respect and affirm your cultural and racial experience, values, and sexual identity and preference.

I view a lot of emotional, behavioral, and relationship problems as different parts of the brain simply trying to survive and cope, sometimes by numbing or avoiding what hurts. Many of these survival responses are primal and unconscious. I believe (and I’m happy to show you) that when you connect and calm these different parts of the brain, healing and your most ingenious and endearing traits shine through spontaneously. Solutions and success follow.

Tweet that (your life story in 140 characters)

I chose my career my 1st day in college, a great fit for a caring, geeky kid. Finding love, healing hearts, and my wife and 3 kids are my life. #neverusedtwitter

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be…

Moonlighting as a musician while trying to improve our community’s response to trauma survivors–or maybe that of some other community in a more tropical location (while I’m fantasizing here).

The official Story….

I graduated in 2004 from Virginia Tech with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. After that I took a break from studies and clinical work and made a living as musician for a year, playing cover tunes at restaurants and such. Oddly enough, I kept that up once a week for about 14 years during my therapy career. I have worked since 2005 in a public agency providing brief therapy in the context of domestic and sexual violence and other trauma. I also supervise other therapists. I have worked with men and women to unlearn abusive behaviors through self-compassion, developing a deep sense of security and value, and learning skills for resolving relationship conflict. I have also provided counseling to trauma survivors of all ages, including a lot of men who were sexually abused as children. I have provided therapy to couples and multi-couple groups for couples in conflict, bringing more compassion and understanding into relationships.

I am a published contributor researching and developing treatment approaches on child abuse and neglect, spousal abuse, and couples in conflict. I led an efficacy study on domestic violence intervention, identifying they keys to stopping partner abuse in the long term. I have co-led professional organizations on various types of violence, organized trainings for professionals, and presented at clinical conferences on topics of attachment, couples, and trauma.

I am certified in Trauma-focused Cognitive-behavioral Therapy and trained in other trauma treatment models, including EMDR. I am trained in Motivational Interviewing, which is a client-centered approach that guides you through the change process at your own pace, depending on how prepared you are for change (even if you’re not ready at all). In couples therapy, I take an attachment-based approach and a strategic therapy approach, helping you map out and reroute the patterns in your relationship and get to the core emotions driving conflict. One of the most common areas of conflict in couples is reactivity and disagreement over how much connection or space is between you.

An attachment-based therapy model helps you manage discomfort with closeness or distance and manage disagreements without chasing or pushing away. Perhaps that sounds like you and your spouse or partner. If so, talk to me about whether I might be able to help.


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