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“Working together, we will equip you with the tools for you to flourish… flourish into the best version of you.”

Title: Resident Professional Counselor

Locations: VA + Teletherapy

Specialties: Young Adults, Depression, Anxiety, Identity


What is your name and what do you do around here?

My name is Miriam Saleh and I am a resident professional counselor.

5 words that describe you?

Intentional / Warm / Creative / Witty / Motivated

What do you love most about your job here at GTA?

I’m super new to GTA, but I’ve loved the warm welcome and look forward to connecting more!.

What should clients know about working with you?

At a young age, I was fortunate enough to find those who model vulnerability and healing. I was constantly around those who were down-to-earth, honest, and willing to put themselves out there. As time went on, naturally, I knew since I had those people in my life I had to grow up to become them… which is what brings me here!

At any age or stage, I am the biggest believer there is always room for growth. Of course, seeking therapy can be initially difficult. I completely get that! My goal here is to open the door to feel, create resilience, and move forward. I PROMISE YOU IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY! I can assure you working together we will equip you with the tools for you to flourish… flourish into the best version of you!

Tweet that (your life story in 140 characters)

Big earrings. Lots of coffee-mugs. Pinterest boards galore. Endless walks through Target. All the psychology books you can think of.

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be…

I would be working as a nutritionist. Nutrition is a major area of interest in mine – I find that the more we can equip ourselves in this area (and certainly each other) the more equipped we will be in the long-term. Nutrition plays such a big factor in our physical, mental, and even emotional health. Not to mention the way micronutrients in certain foods feed (no pun intended) into your body’s function fascinates me. Fun fact- did you know that avocados help with brain function or that consuming cilantro long term can help detox the liver? Truthfully, I can go on and on this stuff! Fascinating right?!

The official Story….

My journey started in college, back in sunny Tampa, FL studying Biomedical Sciences. As per my Middle Eastern norms, I expected to go into fields such as nursing, physical therapy, or anything of the like. I grew up around traditional first-generation-Middle Eastern expectations where the belief was that if you weren’t in the medical field, you were toast. And boy was that tough! As much as I enjoyed the sciences I studied, I couldn’t quite get myself to love medicine enough to pursue it long-term. The endless volunteer hours and biomedical course work just weren’t for me; however, something else ended up clicking – my interest in the science of psychology. The science of somatic-symptoms and the physiology of brain science really got my juices flowing. Something about marrying my sensitive/empathic side with my interest in medicine. 

Through God’s grace, my struggles led me all the way here to cozy Northern-Virginia to pursue my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at George Mason University, a program that built me to serve you today. 

I found that speaking authentically on a day-to-day basis with my colleagues taught me how to use my pains to fuel my passions. I am honored today to serve young adults, Middle Eastern, Christian counseling, couples, as well as a variety of anxiety and depression issues. I am looking forward to meeting you today!


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