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Locations: VA + Teletherapy (DC coming soon!)

Specialties: Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Identity exploration, Life transitions, Grief 


What is your name and what do you do around here?

My name is Fran Singson and I am a resident professional counselor. 

5 words that describe you?

Intuitive / Warm / Connected / Introspective / Detailed

What should clients know about working with you?

While it is constantly evolving as I am exposed to new clients and ways of thinking, at the core of my therapeutic approach in the therapy room is the person-centered and humanistic belief that the therapeutic relationship is the strongest force in inciting change within the individual. I believe that a sense of authentic trust and comfort is instrumental to begin doing “the work” and create lasting change.

Other than that, I am drawn towards a range of practices that consider the unique identities and environmental factors that shape the lives of the clients that we work with. This includes drawing from multicultural counseling theory, feminist theory, family systems, internal family systems, and empowerment theory. Each client that I encounter is different, so it is difficult to pinpoint any one therapeutic approach that I use at any given time. Regardless, my general goal is to foster a sense of self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation that allows the client to thrive beyond the one hour therapy session.

Tweet that (your life story in 140 characters)

“A second-gen Filipina American passionate about good food, the great outdoors, café-hopping, and breaking generational curses. ✨”

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be…

A dissatisfied dentist (the profession that I pursued before my career transition, mostly out of familial expectation and the desire to make my parents’ sacrifices “worth it”). In all seriousness, I know that many people can relate to pursuing  a career or way of life based on the expectations of others… I would be happy to help you navigate this in session and work towards living a life that aligns with your values.

The official Story….

Standing in front of my university’s campus counseling center, I felt overtaken by an immobilizing sense of fear. I stood just far enough so that on the off chance that a friend or classmate passed by, I could pretend that I was just walking to the nearby dining hall, but just close enough to curiously gaze at people walking in and out. Seeking help for one’s mental health— especially for someone of college age— is undoubtedly difficult. As a high achieving, stubbornly self-sufficient second-generation Filipino American woman, I perceived the simple act of reaching out for help to be forbidden, even shameful. Without a doubt, I have experienced firsthand the difficulty that people of color experience when searching for accessible and affordable healthcare. The additional stigma attached to the discussion of mental illness within our communities adds further complexity to what is already a sensitive and little-discussed subject.

From a young woman conditioned to regard mental illness with fear and shame, I have slowly but surely developed into a mental health professional who actively engages in conversations regarding the importance of culturally competent mental healthcare. Shame has since been replaced by a deep understanding of my values and a desire to facilitate my clients’ journey towards the same alignment in their lives.

The perspective afforded to me by the intersection of my identities is the greatest gift that I can offer the population that I serve. As a Filipino American, daughter of immigrants, and woman of color in the counseling professions, I recognize the importance of my presence in this space to those who share my identities who may have never seen themselves represented in this capacity.

What are your specialties? 

I specialize in racial Identity & cultural Issues (specifically with first and second Asian Americans/immigrants), navigating significant life transitions/living a life aligned with one’s values, grief & bereavement from a cultural perspective.


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