Most of us have had these thoughts before…Will I look good in this? Am I too fat for this dress? Do I have to go out in this bathing suit?


I know for me after the long winter months indoors I tend to gain weight and loath the idea of showing skin in the spring. I often feel very insecure and want to hide myself in my room so I don’t have to confront my feelings about my body.


I’m not the only one who feels this way…


“According to an estimate from the National Eating Disorders Association, 80 percent of women in the U.S. are unhappy with the way their bodies look.”


These negative thoughts cause women of all ages to take extreme measures to change the way their bodies look. Many resort to anorexia or bulimia to solve their issues.


What I find myself asking is if so many women are concerned with how their bodies look, what can we do to feel confident and sexy in our own skin?


Here are some helpful tips that I feel every woman needs to remember to start loving your body!


have cake love ur body2

It is completely natural to want to look at how others look or act and compare yourself to them. While this sometimes helps people feel better about themselves, there is always someone who might be thinner than you or look prettier than you which leads to negative thoughts about yourself. Instead of making comparisons, focus on what you are doing right for your body. Instead of saying, “why can’t I be skinnier,” say, “look at all the healthy things I’ve done for my body!”



have cake love ur body3

If you’re like me, you think after a week of eating healthy and a couple of good workouts that you will be looking fit and ready to go. FALSE. Give yourself the time it takes to make changes.  Don’t just change your body, build yourself up on the inside for the good things you are working on and stay away from the negative.  And be sure to have realistic expectations of what a “beautiful” body looks like- forget the photoshopped magazine images and remember that the most beautiful images are real women that look just like you do right now!



have cake love ur body4

The scale won’t change much in a day! Checking your weight over and over only builds up those negative vibes that won’t make you feel good about yourself. So, just focus on being healthy and living life to the fullest. Losing weight or having slimmer figure is a fine goal but it’s not the most important thing… get out there and enjoy every amazing second of your life, no matter what your size.



have cake love ur body5

Nothing makes you look better than feeling confident! And what fuels confidence? Looking good! Dress your nicest while you diet and work out. You won’t believe how amazing you’ll feel rocking what you were born with. And don’t forget to build yourself up and compliment yourself!  Positive self-talk is proven to increase your motivation to be healthier and more fit.


Check this out for more tips and one sure fire strategy to really change your body. Do you have other tips for how to love  your body and build confidence? Comment below!