One of my favorite parts of a Monday holiday is getting a chance to relax and catch up on my favorite daytime TV shows.  This morning I caught an old (but awesome) episode of the Rachael Ray show with Dr. Mehmet Oz as the co-host.   As fun and informative as it was to watch Dr. Oz give Rachael a physical, my favorite segment was the Q & A with the audience.  A busy mother of 2 asked Dr. Oz for some tips on how to keep her energy up in order to take care of her many responsibilities.

What I loved most about his answer is that he didn’t give the usual- get more sleep, do less stuff answer.  He didn’t chastise her for taking on too much or give solutions that are not realistic to add to her already jam-packed schedule.  While there is a place for that kind of advice and many women {and men} could benefit from slowing down and doing less- most of us really want help that we can implement NOW.  And that is just what he offered.

Best of all Dr. Oz’s advice encourages the use of senses we often ignore {touch, smell} when it comes to self-care.  Please click the link below to watch a video clip from the show- I can’t possibly do it justice here.  But until you have a few minutes to watch here’s a quick recap…

  • start your day with a splash of ice water- use a body mitt and rub the ice water into your skin.  It is both invigorating and fat-burning at the same time!
  • throughout the day use a simple herb-infused water to relax and increase alertness- get an empty spray bottle and fill with fresh herbs of your choice {he used rosemary but I will try lavender this week} and tap water.  Let steep over night and mist in the air whenever you’re feeling drained or overwhelmed.
  • end your evening with a DIY warm foot massage- fill the foot of a sock {i think knee highs would work best} with uncooked rice, microwave till warm, put your foot in the sock and say “aaaaaaahhhhh!”


Get the full details by watching Rachael Ray Show – Audience Q & A with Dr. Oz