Summer is a time to rest, relax, and unwind. In that spirit of relaxation, I accepted the My Disconnect Day challenge to unplug and disconnect from technology for 24 hours.


Taking a “tech break” was definitely harder than I anticipated. The challenge requires you to go cold turkey from phones, computers, texting, messaging, emailing, and everything you can possibly do on electronic devices to disconnect from technology and reconnect to the world around you.


While the challenge was hard, it also freed me from all of the stress tied to being constantly connected to my phone (and, consequently, the world)


I definitely recommend taking the challenge perhaps not to the extreme I did, but take some time out of each day to tune out from your devices but tune into the world around you. There is no harm in turning off your cell phone and taking a break from technology for a little bit each day.

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In fact, there are quite a few benefits from taking the time to unplug.


More face-to-face quality time with the ones you care about


Walk into any restaurant and observe a table. How many of them are on their phones or have their phones placed on the table? Taking the time to put your phone away to embrace the people around you will improve your communication with those you care about.


More “me time” to decompress


Sometimes, it is necessary to tune out of the rest of the world and just take some time to reflect and recalibrate. Alone time can help you refocus and think deeply about the bigger picture and rather the phone calls you have to return or emails you have to reply to.


More sleep


Who couldn’t use more sleep? Unplugging helps clear your mind and setting a time limit for when you are on your phone will allow you to get better sleep. Studies like this one have shown that more time looking at screens all day means less time asleep and recharging for the following day.


Better appreciation of your surroundings


We are so connected to our phones and technology that it can be easy to lose sight of the natural beauty in the world. My Disconnect Day suggests spending the time hiking or reconnecting with nature. We do indeed live on a beautiful planet; we should all commit to take more time to enjoy it.


Our technology can be a great help, but it also can be a great distraction and stressor. Remember to take a step back and enjoy the beauty of life outside your screens and keyboards.