I told my friend (and our new therapist) Erica that my new mantra for summer is “Say yes and figure it out afterwards.”

It’s a quote I’ve stolen from Tina Fey and I love it.  Erica’s response was that it sounds a little dangerous…

And she’s right.  It’s a little risky to say “yes” and then figure out how to actually follow through and I’m sure I’m going to wish I could take back one or two “yes”s but for now, it’s working out.

And I’m excited to share my latest “yes” first moment!

Hopefully you’ll be inspired by my “yes” so much so that you’ll also say “yes” and join me on Wednesday for what will be an amazing and fun twist on the traditional book signing!

Come and heat up your date night style at The Limited in Fair Oaks Mall June 4 from 6-8pm!

Let’s say yes to doing something new together!!