One of our favorite things to do here at Group Therapy Associates is just talk with folks. We love to hear your questions and give our opinions (personal and professional) on everything from romance to parenting to just having a more balanced and joyful life.

That’s why we are so excited to launch our new monthly webcast…

Q & A with GTA

The first session will be Wednesday, July 31 at 9pm EST and we can’t wait.

We are limiting access to this free online event to only those on our list- we like small and intimate conversation, like meeting a few friends for coffee and cupcakes. {We love coffee & cupcakes!} As time goes by, we may open things up and do some bigger public chats but for now you got to get on the list in order to get an invite.

**UPDATE** We are excited to open up Q & A with GTA to the general public for the remainder of 2013.  We think the conversation can only become richer as more people join in so help us spread the word and invite your friends!  Don’t worry we’ll continue to host special, subscriber-only events online and in person so stay tuned.


So here’s how join us at Q & A with GTA in 4 easy steps:

#1 Sign up for our email list.

It’s super easy {just click here!} to join our email list. We absolutely respect your privacy and promise to NEVER sell or share your information without your permission. We also promise to respect your time and inbox by never sending spam or excessive emails and you can adjust your subscription settings anytime.


#2 Check your email.

You will get a couple of emails from us once you join the list. First you must confirm your subscription {this ensures that no one signs you up without your permission!} and then you will get an email with some details on Q & A with GTA. There’s a link in there to RSVP but if you don’t do it right away, don’t worry… We will send an personal invitation with a password to join the Spreecast before each monthly webcast.


#3 Sign up for Spreecast

Seriously easy to do and you can join using your email, Facebook, or Twitter- your choice! You can even do it via our website. Just go to before Q & A with GTA is ready to start and click RSVP to to log in/sign up.

Worried about your privacy? We’ve been happy so far with how Spreecast has been treating us but checkout the Spreecast Privacy Policy for yourself to be sure.


#4 Join the conversation!

We don’t want to be email pests so once you have joined our list you can expect to get just a few emails from us each month.  Keep an eye out for a reminder to join Q & A with GTA on the day of each monthly chat.

We are so excited to get a chance to answer your questions and hear what’s most important in your lives- Sign up now!

Answers to some commonly asked questions…

When is Q & A with GTA and how long does it last?

The last Wednesday of the month at 9pm EST. We are scheduled for one hour of great conversation with you but sometimes we run a little late.

I’m confused, how do I RSVP?

Sometimes it feels tricky using a new site but don’t worry Spreecast is pretty easy to navigate. See the screenshot below and look for the bright blue button on the right to RSVP. If you still have questions, check out this tutorial from Spreecast.

Do I have to be on camera to ask a question or make a comment?

Nope. While we would love to see your smiling face each month, you can easily type your questions or comments to us while hanging out in your jammies at home! Just so you know that we aren’t at home in our pajamas, we’ll be live on camera for the full hour. For more info on how to ask your questions on camera or off- check out this tutorial from Spreecast.

I can’t make it but I still want to ask a question/listen in?

Once you have RSVP’d you can post your questions to us before the webcast starts and we will make an effort to get to all the questions. At the end of each month’s Q & A with GTA we will have a recording of the session which we will share with everyone on the list.

Is this like free therapy/counseling/coaching?

Sometimes it may feel that way but no it’s not. Although our licensed therapists will be on each chat to talk and answer your questions, it’s not the same as participating in therapy and should not be used as a substitute for professional health advice. The best way to think of Q & A with GTA is like having a best friend who also happens to be a therapist or life coach- you get the bonus of all their professional expertise but it’s still just a a friendly conversation.

We think this goes without saying but just in case {and to keep our legal team happy}… here’s the official disclaimer: Technology is great, and so are phones/Skype/video chats. However, they can also be a little, say, limiting. Without consulting with you in person, the dynamics change a little bit, and we can’t conduct the extensive analysis that would happen in an in-person setting or during a paid coaching consultation. (Or buy you coffee at Starbucks.) Therefore, our conversations via Q & A with GTA should not be considered a substitute for an in-person evaluation by a licensed mental health professional or physician. The upside? You get to wear your pajamas- something that might be pretty sweet at 9pm.

The advice and suggestions given during Q & A with GTA is based on taking a quick look at your situation–and not the usual in-depth review and analysis that happens when working with you as a traditional paid counseling or coaching client. That said, our advice and opinion is taken into account at your own risk, but for a proper assessment, we strongly encourage you to seek the full assessment of a licensed professional.