The holiday season is finally here. Time to put down your work and spend time with family, friends, and enjoy tradition. One of my favorite traditions is indulging in all of the delicious meals prepared by those that I love. Turkey, stuffing, corn pudding, gravy, and best of all pumpkin pie! I cannot wait for Thanksgiving time to enjoy every minute of it.


But, if you’re like me and have been trying to eat healthy all of these months, you have a hard time enjoying these meals and holiday goodies knowing that it might ruin all of your hard work.


Luckily, there are plenty of great ways to be healthy while still getting the most out of the holidays, including holiday feasting!


When it comes to going to the mall to shop during the holiday season, it can be overwhelming when you’re surrounded by the smells of the season like Mrs. Fields cookies and peppermint mocha lattes! Curb these temptations by eating a small snack before you go, that way you’re not overly hungry walking past the food court. I also like to make a list before I leave the house of all the stores I need to visit in order to avoid some of the kiosks that would lure me into buying their delicious goodies.

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Holiday parties are an exciting part of the season. It’s a time when your friends, family, and coworkers can take some time away from their busy lives to be together and celebrate. But with the beautiful decorations, holiday music, and good cheer also comes good food! It is nearly impossible to say no to all of the delicious treats lurking around every corner. However, bringing your own favorite healthy dish to the party can take the worrying out of the equation and allows you to participate in the fun festivities.  By ensuring that there are healthy options it becomes easier to indulge in a few treats without going overboard.


Finally, the biggest temptation of them all….Thanksgiving day. When you are trying to be healthy, a holiday that is entirely focused on eating comfort foods is not ideal. Of course you don’t want to punish yourself and avoid all of the yummy food…that’s why I take very small portions of everything so I can have my cake and eat it too.  It’s important to give yourself a guilt-free pass to take part in all of the food festivities!  And if you are cooking or can offer some ideas to the cook, check your favorite food blogs and recipe sites for healthy variations on old classics like mac & cheese and pumpkin pie.


So as you prepare for the holidays, remember, you can feel good enjoying every aspect of the holidays…including the food!


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