If you happen to know me personally then this post will not be surprising.  I love design and especially interior design.  If I’m in a bad mood, I buy a new vase.  If it’s really bad… I just might paint my kitchen!

Partly because a change of scenery has always meant a change in mood for me and partly because I firmly believe that there is a reciprocal relationship between our environment and our emotional state.  A well-designed room can relax you, inspire you, and even get you in the mood for sex!

But sadly I know way too many couples that are using their bedrooms for work, family time, laundry folding, and countless other activities that do not lead to sex! They live with bedrooms that are designed to be functional and practical but definitely not romantic.

And I’ve told them all the same thing that I’m going to tell you today-

if you want passion in the bedroom then you have to create a space that inspires it.

Add a little fur, a vase of pretty flowers, a splash of color that makes you feel sexy; do whatever it takes.

I’ve said it often but no one seemed to believe me.  And then I found this little gem on  Houzz.com…

And now I have a little back up from an interior designer turned sex therapist!

Browse through the slideshow and check our her tips and ideas for a sexier boudoir.  Then  let us know in the comments below how you make your bedroom a place for passion!

And if you need a little reminder about what the bedroom is really for then you definitely need to buy this fun little pillow…

We had sex on this bed pillow