This Sunday at 2:00am most of us will fall back an hour as Daylight Savings ends. I know that most people plan ahead and as they go to bed they update their clocks so in the morning they are right on time.

But not me.


The thing is… I love the feeling I get when I wake up sleepy and groggy {& probably running late} and then suddenly it hits me- I’ve got an extra hour! That extra hour is like a gift to myself.


It seems so full of possibility and a chance to catch up on whatever I thought I didn’t have enough time for. And that is a fantastic feeling.


It’s kind of how I feel about date night- it’s an opportunity to do the things that you’ve been too busy or preoccupied to take care of. A little window of time to stop rushing through life and instead just enjoy the moment. At least that’s how I see date night and I’m hoping to get all you seeing it the same way too!


And to help you get started we have a very special announcement. Our infamous Date Deck has finally made it’s formal debut as a brand new book for Kindle!


ComingSoon-The Date Deck 2014

This little goodie is filled with date night ideas that are couple-tested and therapist-designed. More than just dinner and a movie- it’s got creative ideas that will help you refocus on romance, fun, and passion.

And as a special gift to our fabulous friends it is FREE all weekend long. Simply click the image above or visit to get your free copy today!

No Kindle? No problem-Download the Kindle app for your phone, tablet, or computer here.


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If you’ve got some amazing date night ideas of your own- tell us all about it in the comments below.