The final stretch of the semester is fast approaching, and with winter break so close we can taste it, it can be hard to find motivation to get through finals week.


Different articles have compared finals week to Scandal, Adele, and Harry Potter, but what can you do to get through the stress? Here are some tips to help stay focused and sane during the most pressure-filled week of the semester.


Start Early


Whatever you do, do not cram the night before an exam. Showing up without adequate rest is bad not only for your exam grade but also your health. Starting early helps avoid this!


Pick Your Study Space


Picking an optimal study environment requires effort. Make sure you are comfortable and have all of the materials and resources you need.


Cut Out the Junk


During finals week, it can be easy to grab a bag of chips or whatever is most easily accessible to you. Within 10 pages of reading your textbook, you will realize that you have eaten the whole bag by yourself. Remember to maintain healthy eating habits and eat smart! Avoid consuming energy drinks, and make sure you eat regularly sized meals.


Turn Off and Tune In


Remove any and all distractions when you need to do your intense studying. If that means turning off your phone, do it. If it means putting your phone on the other side of the room, do it. Whatever it takes to make studying your priority, do it!


Take a Break


Study, but also stay sane! Reward yourself for your hard work with periodic study breaks. Eat a meal, catch up on a Shonda Rhimes drama on Netflix, or have an impromptu dance party. Studying is important, but your mental health matters more than any letter grade or percentage points.


With these tips, making the grade will be easy as cake!


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