The mind, body and spirit – the trinity of the our well-being is one that can be hard to maintain especially in the rush of holidays, stressful assignments and many other commitments that come with the hustle and bustle of the school year. Whether you are a student, parent of a student or neither, all parties can agree that the relaxed vibe of summer is quickly replaced with apprehension and stress. We’ve all felt anxiety when seeing ‘back to school’ commercials and walk into Target to find school supplies already in stock. This year tackle the chaos of the school year with 8 fool proof ways to make the transition easier and stress free.


Buy a planner. Use the planner. Buying planners and never using them only adds to the disorganization of your home. Utilizing the planner will create harmony between your schedule and your child’s. Many students are provided calendars from their school that shows important upcoming events. Use these dates to your advantage and schedule your meetings and appointments accordingly so you will never miss little Johnny’s orchestra recital again. Using a planner also shows your children that you are committed to their schedule and ensures them that you are well aware of their field trips.



Communication is a must have. Sometimes a text from your child saying they ‘forgot to tell you that they have soccer practice after school’ can throw off your schedule entirely. Before bed or at dinner make it a habit in informing each other everyone’s plans. A strong sense of communication will improve the functionality of many households.



Create a functional work space. Providing a practical work space is a perfect way to ensure your child has an organized and distraction free area to get work done efficiently. The space we dwell in has a significant effect on our focus and our attitude towards what we are working on. Find out what works best for your child and implement that into his or hers space. Soothing colors, sensory tools and organization products are just examples of what works for some children.



Making the transition from different levels of school can be challenging for your child. Make sure they realize that home is a safe place where they can feel comfortable about asking questions and relaying their concerns. Are they nervous about opening their first lock? Buy a lock and have them practice. The first day of high school is fast approaching and they don’t know where their classes are? Try to visit the school beforehand or talk to some upper-class neighbors about their experience.



Routine is your best friend. Easing into a natural routine that works best for your household is the best option for making a new schedule. Children like to commit to a routine because it makes for a comfortable way of keeping to a schedule when going through change. By day 21 you and your family will be well into a functional routine.



Let technology do the work. Homework time in many households can be a stressful especially if you’re a little rusty on long division, Spanish and organization skills.  With the use of these helpful apps from Advice App homework can become more enjoyable.



Organization is also key.Many kid-friendly Youtube and Pinterest accounts have great  organization ideas and will provide your kids an example of how organization can make a difference in productivity. Before school starts be sure to buy or plan any products that will help keep you and your child organized.



Implement earlier bedtimes for you and the kids. 6:30 won’t be so painful if you make the effort to ease into the new schedule. It also helps ease into the routine that you will be following once the school year begins. Remember that 7-9 hours is the target amount of sleep your child should get to be the most productive at school.


Don't worry,Be Happy & Organized


Stress can cause an onset of major health complications. This infographic puts things in perspective when it comes to the silent killer.  These tips and tricks will reduce stress in your household as the leaves turn color and school nears. Make this school year count and find a plan that works best for you!



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