So often clients want to know how they can reduce their stress and anxiety without medication.  While we firmly believe that for many people medication is an important component of their wellness plan, we also know that study after study has confirmed that the best way to tackle any mood disorder is with a combination of tools.  By developing an arsenal of tools for dealing with anxiety, you are giving yourself the best chance of getting it under control and keeping it that way.  We typically recommend exercise as one of the key tools to help anyone manage their anxiety and so it was exciting to see this study from Boston University.
Researchers at Boston University conducted a study which found that yoga in particular can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and other stress related conditions.  As therapists we have seen this work countless times for clients but it is always wonderful when we have researchers actually able to demonstrate just how effective yoga can be.  after just 12 weeks of practice, yoga was shown to actually change brain chemistry, increasing GABA levels {the same neurotransmitter that most anxiety medications increase} and thus reducing anxiety.  Researchers are eager to learn more about this and how it may ultimate change how we treat stress-related illnesses from anxiety and depression to high blood pressure and heart disease.  To read more about the study visit Boston University School of Medicine online.

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