We’ve all seen this image before.  The family gathered together for dinner, everyone around the table and yet no one is talking.  Are they angry?  On a silent retreat?  Mute?

No.  They’re on the phone.

I see it all over the place from greasy burger joints to some of the most expensive fine dining establishments.  And I bet we have all been guilty of this tuned out dining experience at least once.

It’s just so easy for our phones to intrude even when we don’t mean it to happen.  Someone asks the weather or wonders about the a movie coming out this weekend and inevitably the phones come out.  It’s useful but it also ruins what should be an opportunity to truly connect with the ones we care about.

That’s why I was so excited about UNICEF’s new #TapProject.  For every 10 minutes you leave your phone untouched, UNICEF and it’s corporate sponsors will donate a day’s worth of clean water to a developing country.  I love to see organizations using technology for good and so I was very excited to try it.

So last weekend I took my daughter to dinner and we both opened the link on our phones with plans to donate days of clean water while we ate.  We did it but I must confess it was tough at first. I didn’t realize how often I check my phone.  The time, the weather, how old is Justin Timberlake anyway… there are important questions that I’ve come to rely on my iPhone to answer for me.  But after a little adjustment I was able to go a full hour without touching my phone.

And best of all I had a fantastic and informative dinner date with my favorite girl.  It was definitely a win-win for me.

So tell me, how long do you think you can go without touching your phone?  Make a prediction and then tweet us @GTAtherapists with #TapProject and tell us how long you went and how much you were able to donate.