Hi everyone!  Thanks so much for tuning into our first episode of Everyone Could Use a Little Therapy on BlogTalkRadio.com this afternoon.  Llouana and I had a great time chatting about love and relationships.  If you were not able to catch us live, you can still listen to the archived recording online.  Visit our homepage or our Blog Talk Radio show page to access the player.  We can’t wait to get back on the air June 24 when we will talk about surviving the  summer with your teenager!

On today’s show we mentioned a number of different resources and as promised, they are listed below.  And if you want to check out the 7 mini-dates we talked about in the final minutes of the show, just check out this article.

  • Find out more about John Gottman’s Magic 5 Hours in his book Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
  • Find out what language you and your partner are speaking with The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman
  • Find out what Vulnerabilities for Infidelity may be lurking in your relationship with quizzes from Dr. Shirley Glass (click the link for quizzes) or  for a more in-depth discussion of infidelity and trust, check out her book Not Just Friends.
  • See the details of the CBS Early show report on the results of iVillage Survey on Wives & Sex
  • The Story of Us, starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfiefer ~ an excellent movie depicting many of the challenges couples experience as they try to keep long-term love alive.  Learn to play “high/low” game with your spouse (and kids)