A couple weeks ago I wrote a post all about helping your child get ready to go back to school.  Now that the time is finally here, I have a message just for you parents.  Especially the ones who tend to forget themselves in the process.  Kids going back to school means you go back to school too, at least with regard to the routine and helping with homework, oh, and possibly providing transportation.


Okay, let’s just agree that like it or not- you’re relegated to school as well.


So, there are things that you can do to transition from summertime to school time, some of which may sound familiar.

  1. Eat energy foods
  2. Ensure you get enough sleep
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. Try to do some form of physical exercise.

By virtue of doing these four things your stress level can be greatly decreased.  Yes, I know life is busy but maybe you can entertain the idea of having some compassion for yourself.  I mean give yourself a break, if last year didn’t go so well maybe this year will.


And, allow at least the first two weeks of school to really begin to settle into the new routine.  Even if you “practiced” getting ready over the last few weeks of summer, the actual transition into the school year routine still takes some getting used to.  Get yourself mentally ready for the unpredictable- whether it’s going to be a phone call from a teacher or the nurse, or your young one magically having some kind of ache or pain on the first day.  This way, if nothing happens it’ll be a nice surprise but if something throws a wrench into your routine, it won’t be so unexpected.


And just like you did for the kids… plan a last hoorah for yourself.  It could be a spa day, massage, girls/guys night out or just a day to yourself to do nothing.  And in planning this last hoorah be sure it includes an opportunity to surround yourself with supportive people.  There’s nothing like being in the company of someone who cares about you and is willing to let you vent.

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The first day back to school can be daunting.  It is as much the first day back for the child as it is for the parent.  Get ready, ease yourself into it adopt the attitude that whatever’s going to happen will happen. Embrace the notion that your little ones are growing up and so are you.  This is yet another stepping stone in their lives.  Breathe and remember, the first day back to school only happens once a year!