I really enjoy reading self-help books. I think that everyone can get a lot out of making themselves a better person and become happier, healthier people. But with people being so busy on the go, carrying around a stack of books isn’t very ideal. That is why I have compiled a list of fantastic resources that you can use on your phone, laptop, or computer with just the hit of a button.

5 apps you need now




  1. Balanced-This is a fantastic app that encourages you to accomplish all of your goals in one easy to access place…your cell phone. Whether you want to go to the gym, take a photo of the beautiful day outside, or say thank you to someone for being a great friend, this app is there every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of life. I started using it the other day and it feels really great to check off things I would like to accomplish and it feels even better having someone acknowledge the hard work you’re doing. Anna, a balanced user had this to say, “Using balanced is like having a little person in my phone that acknowledges what I’m doing-A little record, witnessing and encouraging.” So pick up your phone and start getting the most out of life!

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headspace2. Headspace-So you work out your body several times a week, well why not your brain? This app is great for helping you to practice mindfulness and it helped me in particular relax and relieve a lot of stress I have built up. The app begins by having you listen to several videos that had you focus your mind and continues day by day by having you rethinking how you view stress and teaching you how to calm yourself down. I learned a lot from this app and by watching the videos, I have been able to keep my cool a lot better, focus more when need be, and get a lot more sleep.

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smiling mind 3. Smiling Mind-Similar to headspace, smiling mind’s focus is a free app that focuses on meditation and rewiring the brain when it comes to how people deal with stress and other life issues. Smiling mind was designed mainly to aid younger people, but anyone can use it. Once you download the app, you will be able to access a whole list of exercises and medication techniques that are designed to help you practice mindfulness and become a happier person. I particularly like the fact that this app focused on keeping an open mind and practicing a non-judgmental attitude because these are areas I can really improve in and make me feel better every day!

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optimism4. Optimism-If you are looking for a self-help guide, then this app is for you! Optimism is another great, free app that allows you to monitor your mood daily in order to look for any signs that your health may be decreasing. If it is apparent that you may have a mental health issue, this site helps you create a wellness plan geared towards the illness you may possess-great for those with depression, bipolar disorder, etc. From there, the site helps you gain a better understanding about the illness and work with you to return you to the healthy, happy person you are. I really liked this app because it showed me areas that I can really work on to improve myself and make me get more out of life than I have before.
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toxic thinking5. Toxic Thinking-This is another fantastic app that helps you rewire your negative self-talk and improve your thoughts to become a healthier, happier you. Through toxic thinking, you can select a mental illness and learn all about the symptoms associated with it and see what you can do to work on to improve yourself. I was able to see where my self-talk needs improvement and how I can change my thinking to strengthen my outlook on life. This app was my personal favorite because it does an excellent job showing you planned out steps that you can practice every day to become a better person.

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These resources can be very helpful and change your life. So pick up your phone and download the apps! Comment below and let us know if you have any other fantastic sites that have helped you.