share your silly side!


One of the greatest gifts of marriage is the ability to relax and just be your silly selves together. This sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of our busy lives, which can seem like we’re stuck in a never ending to-do list. Screw that! Get your fun back by being playful and spontaneous.

Looking for ideas? Do something lighthearted or unexpected, like taking goofy selfies, horsing around in a park or playground, or playing with the family pet together.  Embrace your inner child and make something whimsical for your partner like these adorable Ornament Balloons via DIY Studio.  How much fun could you have with a few of these floating around your house?!

Ornament Balloons
Not sure you can create your own playful gift?  Here are a few options you can order online!

Couples Holiday Gift Guide - playfulness

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