Hey, I like you

We’re starting this Gift Guide with the heart of any committed relationship–a good friendship. For one week, set aside 30 minutes of dedicated time together each day. Check in with what’s happening for each of you or just spend some time enjoying each other’s company. Get out of your comfort zone and choose a new place to chat; a change in scenery can make these conversations feel more special.

Looking for ideas? Grab some blankets, whip up some homemade peppermint hot chocolate, and relax on the porch. Or maybe take a walk around the neighborhood.  If leaving the house isn’t an option, choose a spot in the home that feels particularly intimate or outside your typical routine.  You could share a book or a bottle of wine or commemorate your friendship with a modern take on the old-school friendship bracelet.  Whatever you decide, make the effort to really focus on each other and the friendship you’ve built together.


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