Hi everyone!  Thanks so much for tuning into our first episode of Everyone Could Use a Little Therapy on BlogTalkRadio.com this afternoon.  Llouana and I had a great time chatting about the joys and hurdles of adolescence.  If you were not able to catch us live, you can still listen to the archived recording online.  Visit our homepage or our Blog Talk Radio show page to access the player.

We can’t wait to get back on the air July 13 when we will talk with Paul Brunson from One Degree From Me about dating, love, and keeping the passion alive in your relationships.  Don’t miss what is sure to be a fantastic show.

On today’s show we mentioned a number of different resources and as promised, they are listed below.

Worried About a Moody Teenager? (This is an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal for every parent, caregiver, and teenager to read on identifying the red flags of mental illness in adolescence.)

Motivation and Flow- The Teenage Edition

Be sure to check out our post of web resources for teens. It includes site with advice and information on everything from puberty to nutrition to sex to friendship.  A great to list for teens and parents alike.

If you are in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area, please call our offices if you are looking for a therapist.  Even if our offices are not convenient, we are always happy to refer local inquiries to many of our excellent colleagues in the area.  If you are outside of our local region, check out some of the online  therapy directories listed below as a starting point for finding the right professional for you.

Good Therapy