Tuesday Topic 04.28.14


As you make plans to stay connected with your teen this spring, you may have to make some adjustments in the way you interact with him or her. Nurturing healthy relationships with your teen does require a willingness to be introspective, so make time to think about what works well and not so well in your daily interactions. We all are creatures of habit, and that is especially true in the area of relationships.


So, what’s your mommy style and are you happy with it?


Are you a tiger mom, a helicopter mom, or would you make up your own title?  If you have your own “mommy style” tell us all about it.  And as we move into spring and summer, sometimes we have to swap more than just our wardrobe… sometimes you have to change your relationship style too.


We want to know, do you plan to adjust your mommy style to stay better connected with your kids this spring?  If so, tell us what changes you plan to make in the comments below.