I remember back in graduate school when I was working in the University’s clinic.  It was a nerve-wracking experience to not only be seing clients for the first time but having your supervisor and classmates watch from behind a one-way mirror- talk about freaking out!  In spite of the anxiety there was comfort in knowing that if I screwed it up, someone wiser could swoop in at any moment and save the families from my inexperience.  Thankfully that never happened but I did get some good feedback during one of my semester reviews…  “lighten up!”  Even in times of crisis (maybe most often in times of crisis) we need to find ways to laugh and see the lighter side of life’s darker moments.

While every issue and concern that brings a client into our office is serious and deserves to be treated as such, I thank my old supervisor for teaching me that we also need to remember how to laugh- even at our own difficulties- if we are going to get through life’s challenges.

With that in mind… check out Hyperbole and a Half for a few not-so-serious tips for dealing with social anxiety.

from Hyperbole and a Half: The Akward Situation Guide