mental strategies for running successEither you’re a first time runner, you’ve ran a few races or you’re a veteran, no matter your level; each race is its own animal. Maybe it’s the course, the season or what’s going on in your life, getting ready and making it happen can be daunting…and the big day is going to come faster than you think.

Well, you don’t have to sweat it alone.

Give yourself a better chance to cross the finish line and join me  for a workshop at The Running Store in Gainesville on September 18 from 7-8pm.  In addition to my work as a therapist and wellness coach, I am fitness buff and dancer so I know fist hand the  joys and challenges of competing. Come and learn how to identify the potential roadblocks to your race day success and creative strategies to get past them. Space is limited so be sure to RSVP with Mary Davison via email or by calling  703-753-4470 to reserve your spot today!  Can’t wait to see you there.



Interested in learning more before the workshop?  Check out this article from for some strategies on going the distance when it comes to endurance sports.