As we continue to watch in horror the disaster that has happened in Haiti, one can not help but wonder how can I help?  There are many amazing organizations on the ground right now that you can support with a financial donation and in time there will be opportunities to even visit and help the citizens of Haiti rebuild.  In the meantime, Group Therapy Associates is happy to use our skills to offer the people here that are experiencing grief, anxiety, or just need someone to talk to a compassionate ear.

Anyone struggling with the effects of this devastating event can recieve 1 free hour of therapy.  You do not need to be Haitian or have people in Haiti to take advantaage of this service; if the trauma of the current situation is impacting you and you need an opportunity to talk about it, we are here to help.  Please spread the word and simply call or email our offices if you or someone you know would like to schedule an appointment.