3 ways to get back to what mattersWe are  just 3 days away from the end of January… how are your New Year’s resolutions or goals going?

If you’re like nearly half of all adults, then you have already given up your “New Year- New Me” attitude in favor of more familiar, if not always fulfilling, habits and relationships.


But what if a new approach could help us set goals and actually keep them?


It’s true that part of what gets in the way is our lack of genuine commitment to change in the first place but there’s more to our inability to stick to new goals for the new year.


So often these resolutions or goals are little more than just wishful thinking… just ask Tony Robbins.  We hope to eat healthier or work out more often.  We wish that work would become more fulfilling or that our love life would be more fun and less stressful.


But goals without an action plan and a deeper sense of why we want this change is not enough to motivate us beyond the first few weeks of a new year.  We forget about them.


With 3 days left to get re-energized about all the possibilities that a new year holds, I have 3 alternatives to your traditional New Year’s Resolution that I think can help you dig a little deeper and discover not just what you want in 2015 but why you want it and how you plan to make it happen.


Option #1

Ask yourself these five questions and discover what really moves… what you’re truly devoted to right now. {via @Alex_Franzen}

Option #2

Do this one thing and only this… every day.  Do it for work and do it again for your personal life, daily.  And do it once right now but instead of thinking a day at a time, think about the whole year.  Now tell me how it goes. {via @johnhenrymuller}

Option #3

Get serious and make the decision to do something different.  That simple.. and that hard.  Own the decisions you make today and see where they lead you, then give yourself permission to change course.  But first chart a course and actually go down the path for a while.  {via @krysta_masciale}


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