I am always reading books about relationships and couples and communication – while I enjoy most of them, they are often all very similar.  So whenever I find something that clicks and offers a new perspective or creative technique I am eager to share.  Talk to Me Like I’m Someone You Love by Nancy Dreyfus is exactly that kind of book.  It’s fresh, interesting, and I even attempted to use her flashcards at home (my husband was not entirely cooperative but even he was at least a little interested in the idea).  I encourage every couple (and single) to take a look at Nancy’s book but for a little more information first check out my review at Associated Content.

Don’t Know What to Say? There’s a Flashcard for That

There are so many relationship books out there that it’s hard for an author to really come up with something fresh and new and helpful. And yet that is exactly what Nancy Dreyfus has been able to do with her new book, Talk to Me Like I’m Someone You Love. Dr. Dreyfus, a seasoned psychotherapist, has found a creative way to help couples communicate more lovingly and authentically in the midst of conflict. Born out of a spontaneous moment in session, her idea to have couples use flashcards to deescalate arguments and clarify communication, is both unusual and effective…  Read the rest of my review on Associated Content