For most families in our area this is the first week of school.  It’s often a time of excitement {especially for parents} and stress {for the whole family} as students begin to transition from the relaxing days of summer back into the daily routine of school.  In the midst of sorting through all the papers and getting to know new teachers it’s easy as parents to forget to ask about the social aspects of the new school year.

We all know that bullying happens and that the potential consequences of hurtful words can be immense for those on the receiving on end.  But what happens when bullying moves from the classroom to the computer?  Check out this infographic from to learn a few startling facts about cyberbullying.   Over the course of the next few weeks we will be sharing tips for kids and parents on managing the varied issues that come with social media and technology in general.

Image courtesy of, iStockphoto, ClarkandCompany