As we get ready to start the second full week of 2011, I am excited to introduce you to a new project happening online- Love Drop.  One of the key goals here at Thearpy Notes for 2011 is to provide not only great content but also connect with great projects and organizations who share our passion for providing compassion and support to others.

With that in mind, we would like to introduce you to Love Drop-

Every month the Love Drop community will come together to raise as much support and awareness as they possibly can. It’ll start on their website –, get spread across their entire network of blogs (including us), continue through forums where people all over the place will be brainstorming ways to help each month’s recipient.

At the end of every month,Nate and J. Money, the co-founders of, will show up and deliver a pile of goodness to that month’s LoveDrop recipient.  The money, the gifts, the services, everything! It’ll all be on film, and it’ll all end with an amazing outpouring of love. And then it’ll start all over again the next day.

Therapy Notes and Group Therapy Associates are not financial sponsors for Love Drop but we are supporters of their goal to create a community of compassion and connection and are happy to lend a little blog space each month to spread the word of their admirable endeavors.  We hope you find their stories inspiring and that the outpouring of love will remind you of the power of simply being empathetic to our fellow human beings.

The First Love Drop……

How you can help

This project is all about coming up with creative and fun ways to make a difference for someone. Here’s what you can do to make our first Love Drop special for Jill and her family:

  • Join the team – Become a member by paying whatever you want. Even $1.00.
  • Join our blogger network – Blog about our Love Drops once a month! It’s easy, it’s rewarding, and it REALLY helps spread the word (which in turn helps the families!). We’ll give you all the content you need.
  • Give a gift – Gift cards, clothes, a homemade scarf, a bike, whatev.
  • Provide a service – Web design, tax help, legal services, etc.

(Email all ideas/questions to team (at), we’ll make it happen)

That’s it guys. It really is that easy to help. Come join our mission and be a part of something COOL! It’ll be like Home Extreme Makeover, only different every month 🙂 Love Drop starts NOW.