**Hurricane Sandy is fast approaching our area- Please take appropriate precautions and stay safe.  Click here for helpful safety tips on preparing for this storm.**

Now that we got that important note out of the way… how about some other useful tips on getting through this storm with your sanity.  It seems like we’ve been hit with several major storms in the last year or so… So in addition to sharing the link above, we wanted to give you some fun and useful tips on dealing with being stuck in house and storm anxiety.

If storms make you (or the one’s you love) nervous…

check out these resources for tips on how to cope

When fear turns to phobia: an article by Esther Boykin, LMFT to help understand phobias and tips that apply to normal fear responses as well as more severe reactions.

Preparing for Hurrican Sandy; Emotionally and Psychologically: an article by John Grohol, PsyD with great tips to help you prepare and cope with the storm.


If the idea of being stuck at home for days with your significant other {or your kids} has you stressed…

check out these past blog posts on surviving a storm with a little fun & romance!

Dating in the Rain… or a hurricane; probably the most appropriate of all- find out how we turned Hurricane Irene into a chance for a creative Date Night!

How to Survive a Snow Storm… Tips from a woman trapped

Romancing the Storm– creating romance when you’re trapped in the house


**Important Note**  Due to the impending severe weather predicted for our area, Group Therapy Associates will be closed on Monday October 29th and Tuesday October 30th, 2012.  Stay safe out there.