I woke this morning to what seemed like de ja vu…. massive amounts of snow everywhere!  Once it sank in that we might be facing another several days of snowy wonderland I thought maybe it was time to revisit some of our articles and posts from last winter’s “snowmageddon”

I hope you all are staying warm and using the time inside to catch up on some quality time with the one’s you love.

Romancing the Storm….If the weather predictions are right, many of us in the DC area may find that our romantic plans for dinner and dancing or a mini-getaway this weekend are not going to happen.  And after days stuck at home, many of you may not be feeling very lovey-dovey anyway.  So what’s a couple to do?  Is there any way to keep cabin fever from creating domestic discord?  One cure may be to create a romantic retreat in your own home. read more

Another fun read from last year’s snow storms

How to Survive a Snow Storm…