TuesdayTopicsDoes it feel sometimes like you and your partner are just roommates?


Communicating just enough to get through the day, yet you long for the connection you use to have?


Do you remember when you were first dating you couldn’t get enough of each other?


It may have felt like an eternity in between dates and phone calls. Now it seems you can go weeks, even months without having a meaningful conversation.

Well…you’re not alone.


Unfortunately, this is quite common in long-term relationships. Sex often loses its newness and the novelty begins to wear off. Our brain chemicals even begin to wean dopamine and norepinephrine when the infatuation begins to fade.

That often leads couples to start to wonder…  Can we get it back?

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The Sex Recharge Program teaches you how to increase anticipation and reintroduce newness and novelty back into your relationship. Ian Kerner, author of Sex Recharge, states “when it comes to love and sex, a funny thing happens: A delay in gratification makes us want it all the more-and, when we finally do get it, we enjoy it all the more.”


Join our 30-Day Relationship Reboot and let us be your partner as you take his 30-day rejuvenation plan with your partner and experience some new fireworks.


Beginning June 1st you and your partner will be given weekly exercises and support from me to help you move through Dr. Kerner’s program. The rejuvenation program will bring you closer than you have been in years and it will be impossible to keep your hands off of each other. So if you haven’t already… Sign up below to heat up your summer and take charge of your love life!

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