I can’t help but think that there was some careful planning by the powers that create these things when someone decided to put National Women’s Health Week smack in the middle of Mental Health Awareness Month. What better way to drive home the importance of emotional health to a group of fabulous people who often put themselves last (I’m talking to you ladies!).


Tips for a More Balanced Life: essentials for the modern woman

In looking for some interesting tips and ideas to share with you on finding balance between our mental and physical health, I came across a great list by Carin Goldstein and rather than reinvent the wheel, today I just want to share a few of her suggestions that every woman can use to live a happier and healthier life!


I’ve excerpted (out of order) my favorite ideas from her list but please be sure to click the link at the bottom to read the full article; it’s definitely 10 musts for any modern woman wanting to live a happier and more well-balanced life!

Exercise. Here’s the deal: exercise (i.e. elevating your heart rate and breaking a sweat) is Miracle Grow for the brain. Regular, aerobic exercise remodels our brains for peak performance by decreasing stress, lifting your mood, and sharpening your intellect. Overall, it simply helps you function better as a person.


Physical Touch. I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about a hug, a caring squeeze of the arm, a holding of the hand. We are born with the need to be touched. If a baby or child is not held or cuddled enough, he or she will not thrive. A warm, safe touch releases oxytocin (the bonding hormone) as well as reduces levels of the stress hormone, cortisol . In effect, the body interprets a supportive touch as someone saying “I am here for you.”


Community. There’s a reason for the old saying, “It takes a village.” Like children, we all need a village or in other words a community, which helps us to feel a part of; a sense of belonging. We are all social animals, hence our value of self is strengthened by the support of a team, a tribe, a village, a group, etc. Being a part of a community via shared interests (i.e. work, church, synagogue, sports, a club, etc.) is what brings the most meaning to our lives. {a note from GTA: don’t feel like you have your village? sometimes it’s starts with just one person like a friend, family member, therapist, or coach.}


An Observing Ego. This means taking the time to understand and observe you. It amazes me the amount of people I see walking around completely disconnected from themselves emotionally, physically and mentally. Without a connection to you, living your life in a satisfying way is impossible. How can you learn what your growing needs are without truly understanding you? How can you learn to trust your instincts and make decisions without reflecting on what drives your behaviors? Learning to comfortably observe your own steps in the world is one of the most invaluable gifts you can give yourself and there is no better time than now.”

Read the full article on Your Tango



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