With only 11 days till the “official” start of the holiday shopping season and 39 days till Christmas (that’s right only 39!) I felt it was more important than ever to help everyone find all the resources possible to get a handle on our financial stress.  In the coming weeks keep an eye on the blog for lots of posts about managing financial stress, increasing intimacy and affection (great stress reducers!), and general relaxation techniques.

Today I wanted to share another web resource I found related to financial stress.  While I have not had time to read every page, this website from Ellie Kay is chock full of tools and articles that are geared toward families.  In addition, I have been thinking about the caller from Audrey Chapman’s show a couple weeks ago who was looking for a way to develop a money management plan that included her faith.  I am a firm believer that your financial approach works best when it incorporates the things that are most important to you, including religious beliefs.  Crown Financial Ministries might be a program of interest to some of  you seeking a Christian-based approach.  Remember the first step to any plan must be open, honest discussion with yourself and your partner.

As always, our suggestions are in no way an endorsement of these programs.  We always encourage you to take the time to fully explore all the details of any resource or professional before following  their advice.