Although research and our experience suggests that women, more than men, spend a great deal of energy and time taking care of others and very little time focused on themselves it doesn’t mean that men don’t also need self-care.  In fact  self-care is often portrayed as girls night out or day at the spa or girly chatter over tea that really doesn’t fit with most men’s idea of a good time.


But self-care is not a gender specific necessity.


Everyone- men and women- need to find ways to care for themselves on a regular basis.  Women often get a leg up on the self-care in part because we tend to talk more intimately with our friends and significant others… which is a fantastic form of self-care.


So to help you fellas out there re-connect with yourselves, reduce stress, and enhance  your sex lives { yeah that’s a benefit of good self-care!} take a look at this great article for Dr. Laura Berman.  She knows just what guys need to feel better and be happier….


10 Ways Men Can Have Less Stress and More Love

Men can learn to effectively manage stress in a ways that will help maintain a happy relationship and sex life.

We all know that stress can be an emotional bummer, but did you know that it can also negatively impact your sex drive? When most guys hear this, it can often be a wakeup call as they examine their stressful lives and its impact on their sexual pleasure. Luckily, there are many things that guys can do to help decrease their stress and increase their sexual enjoyment.

Here are ten things guys can do to reduce stress and increase those lovin’ feelings:  Continue reading the full article here…

10 ways men can have less stress and more love