Welcome to Group Therapy Associates blog.  This is a place to get tips on various mental health issues such as managing adolescent behavior and couples communication issues; as well as find new resources and information.  We will also post updated news and events from time to time as our practice and services grow and change.  This is an interactive and every changing forum for topics of interest to all people so we suggest you bookmark us or sign up for a feed.  In the coming weeks (as new articles and information are posted) we will begin to categorize the posts which will allow you to sign up for just get feeds on the topics that matter to you most.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the content and feel free to comment.

One word of warning…. this is a PUBLIC space.  Please do not post comments here related to your own treatment or others in a manner that will potentially violate confidentiality.  It’s fine, in fact we encourage you to share your thoughts on therapy and things you have tried (with your therapist or on  your own) to manage the many stressors that happen in life.  We are just reminding you that we can not control who reads your comments so please be mindful of the personal information that you choose to share.  We reccomend using only your first name or a unique screen name when posting comments on the blog.  Thanks!

Group Therapy Associates was founded on the idea that there is a power in numbers and that with support and guidance, a group can help to heal its members.  With that in mind we welcome you to listen and be heard…

~Esther & Llouana