TuesdayTopics-Mar25One of the tough parts about being a health professional is that people often assume that you just naturally make the ‘right’ choices when it comes to healthy living.

Regardless of our area of expertise, I often talk to doctors, therapists, and others about how hard it can be to balance our desire to be a good role model to others with the reality of being a human being.

As much as I work everyday to live a life that includes healthy choices for my body, mind, and relationships; I don’t get right all the time {or every day!}.

I crave carbs and sugar.

I can’t start my day without caffeine.

And I don’t always say the “right” thing to my kids.

And my biggest challenge right now is learning to take a break from the demands of work to make time for exercise and play!

Whew! It feels good to confess that I am just as human and imperfect as everyone else.  It’s so easy to tell the stories about how we are living healthy and successful lives but there is tremendous value in sharing  the ways in which we each struggle.

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So go ahead… tell us your biggest challenges to making healthy choices everyday?  What aren’t you doing that you know would make you healthier and happier today?  Share your comments below or via Twitter and Facebook.