Keeping with our 2012 resolution to bring in something fresh each month, this February we are challenging you to learn a new language- a love language that is. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner it seems only fitting that our monthly dose of freshness would be focused on love. I have been racking my brain over the last week to come up with something new we can offer you, and today as I spent some time focused on my personal goal for the month- learning conversational Spanish- it hit me. Love Languages!

And how lucky are we… Gary Chapman and his team over at the 5 Love Languages website is hosting their first ever Love Languages Challenge, complete with iPhone and Android apps and prizes! To help you learn more about the Five Love Languages we will be sharing their love language quiz widget on our homepage for the whole month and encourage everyone {including parents, teens and singles} to learn more about the love language concept. This is not limited to romantic relationships~ every important relationship in life is spoken in these 5 love languages.

Take the assessment over at the 5 Love Languages website and find out your primary language. Then ask your partner, children, friends, and even co-workers to take it too and share their love language with you. So often in couples and with family and friends we are all saying the same things- “I love you”, “I care about you”,”you are important to me”- but we use different ‘languages‘ to do it and so conflict arises, needs go unmet, and life is harder than it has to be. Just as I am working to learn a little more Spanish in order to communicate more effectively and ultimately enjoy my time in Spain even more; I hope that this month you all will work at learning a new language of your own to help bring more joy and fulfillment to the relationships in your life!