I think it is safe to say that success in life is a top goal for all of us. We want to look back at our lives when we are old and think to ourselves “I did a good job.” We want to be proud of what we have accomplished. Many of us are able to see when we have succeeded and when we shine.


Others, unfortunately, do not.


They may be at a top position in a company or hold several prestigious titles, but they may feel that they do not truly deserve what they have. They feel like they are fakes, or impostors. They feel like they might get “caught” or “found out.”


Do you feel this way about yourself? Check out this interesting Forbes article. You are not alone!


Self-doubt is a normal feeling, but one that should not take over your life. Sometimes it is really easy to feel like you are not good enough, but when those thoughts float into your head, take a deep breath and reflect. Look at the various things you have done and what you have achieved. You didn’t get to this point by simple luck, you’ve worked hard and deserve the success you’ve gotten in life!


imposter syndrome quote

The article I mentioned earlier lists really helpful tips for overcoming Impostor Syndrome:

  1. Do not worry about being perfect; focus on your strengths and what you can bring the the table
  2. Do not think that you got to where you are purely on luck; believe in your hard work
  3. Do not compare yourself against others
  4. Do not be afraid of taking chances and putting yourself out there; ambition can lead to further successes


Self-love and really believing in yourself can help rid the mindset that comes with Impostor Syndrome. If you can trust in your talents and strengths, the feeling of being inadequate will go away. You have to believe that you got to where you are for a reason. You have to believe that you are doing something right. Do not let those little demon thoughts eat away at you. Remember that you built a solid life for yourself, and it came from hard work, not lucky chances.


Want to know more about Imposter Syndrome and how to keep it from dulling your sparkle in the workplace or at school?  Check out the video below