Should we still be friends? Deciding to cut ties with an exWe have all experienced it…that heart wrenching break-up. In the movies, you see girls eating chocolates and crying for weeks to overcome the loss and pain. What the movies don’t show you is what happens when you try to forget your ex, but you just can’t. Sometimes letting go of an ex, a crush, or a past love is the hardest thing to do.


Unfortunately, what often happens after a relationship ends is a lingering emotional attachment to that person.  Many people remain friends with their former partner, still have strong feelings for that person, or even have a desire to reconnect and get back together. While it is not uncommon to have these feelings, sometimes it is more important to realize whether or not this thought process is helping or hurting your relationship with yourself.  Sometimes it is necessary to sever ties.


When determining if cutting ties is a smart decision or not, I like to ask myself a few basic questions.

How do I feel after seeing him?

Do I still have romantic feelings for him?

Do I like our friendship now or am I just putting up with it?

Why do I still want this person in my life?


Should we still be friends? Deciding to cut ties with an ex

These questions can apply to anyone who has their ex as a friend in their lives, or if you no longer see that person but the thought of your ex still consumes you.

If any of these questions leave you feeling upset or uneasy about your ex, then maybe it is time to cut ties for good.

If you have decided to sever ties with your ex, here are some tips to help you succeed!


  • Be confident with your decision to cut ties. You need to be committed to separating from your ex significant other in order to better your life and stick to the plan you have decided works best for you.


  • Communication with your ex should be limited or non-existent. This is to help you move on and refrain from constantly thinking about them. Even seeing a text from this person can spark all sorts of negative emotions and feelings. Try your best to stay away and know that it will pay off in the end.


  • Have a friend to confide in.  This can help you remain determined and in the right state of mind. Trust me…trying to forget about someone can be tough, but, the input of a friend can offer you a unique perspective that can keep you focused on your goal.


  • Know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Of course it takes a great deal of time and effort to forget someone you care about. However, through all of the struggle there is a better and happier life waiting for you once you fight through this period of your life.


If you know of someone who’s life can be improved by severing ties with their ex, then share this! Do you have any other tips that you think can help forget about a significant other? Comment below!

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